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Public Works Department

Yard Waste


As per Ordinance O-2015-4, adopted February 10, 2016

1. Kingston Township has a Composting Site at the Public Works Facility upper lot. 225 E. Center Street, Shavertown, PA.

2. The composting site is open to Kingston Township Residents and / or property – owners Only. Only yard waste produced from properties situated within Kingston Township shall be deposited at the site.

3. NO Commercial Landscaping or Grounds-keeping Contractors shall use the facility other than the maintenance or care of his/her personal property owned or rented and situated in Kingston Township.

4. Kingston Township Resident/Property-owner must secure an annual permit from the Township ONLY if someone other than the resident is hauling the compost to the site. The resident must be present to obtain a permit. There is no cost for the permit.

5. A person other than the resident/property owner hauling yard waste is considered a “Third Party Hauler”. The resident/property-owner will need to provide to the “Third Party Hauler” the permit. The “Third Party Hauler” shall present to the composting attendant the permit upon entering the site. The “Third Party Hauler” cannot earn an annual total income in excess of $1,000 from hauling yard waste.

6. The following information will be needed by the resident/property-owner to obtain an annual permit: • Proof of residency or property ownership • Resident name, address, and phone number • “Third Party Hauler” name, address, phone number, vehicle make, and license plate number of the vehicle to be used for hauling

6. The following items will not be accepted at the composting: Tree stumps; construction material of any kind, including shingles, pipes and lumber.; stones, rocks, bricks, concrete, gravel or other similar materials; cans or any form of metal material, including nails and staples; glass of any kind; plastic, including plastic bags; paper, cardboard and magazines; dog, cat or other animal waste; garden produce such as tomatoes, lettuce, apples, pumpkins, etc.; ashes of any kind and any burning waste; garbage, hazardous waste, industrial waste, medical waste, and commercial waste; treated lumber, landscaping timber, cross ties, painted wood, wooden furniture, or demolition debris; bulky items (appliances), tires or scrap metal; grass sod.

7. Hours of Operation SEE CALENDAR OF EVENTS

8. The Composting Site Attendant will be the deciding factor for the admittance to the site and will have full authority to deny access for reasons deemed appropriate.

9. Violations The following shall constitute a violation:

• The dumping of any material other than acceptable yard waste (see #6) • The dumping of any material and/or yard waste in an unauthorized section of the site • The dumping of any material and/or yard waste by a person or entity not entitled (see #2 & #3) • The dumping of any yard waste that did not originate from within Kingston Township (see #2) • The dumping of any yard waste at any time other than the hours, days, and months when the Composting Site is open for operational use. (see #7)

10. Penalties Any person violating any provision of the Kingston Township Composting Site Rules and Guidelines will be subject to the following:

• Charged as a summary criminal offense and upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than $500 / not more than $2,500 for each separate offense and in default of payment, may be sentenced to imprisonment for ninety (90) days.


The Kingston Township Public Works Department would like to remind all residents that constructing any structures in the Right-of-Way is strictly forbidden.

Pot-Hole Reporting


With Spring comes the discovery of how “Old Man Winter” ravished the roads. Being a Pennsylvanian we all know what to expect once the weather breaks. Please ONLY report potholes on Kingston Township owned and maintained roads to the Kingston Township PWD at (570) 696-3650. Leave a detailed message with the street name and location of the pothole.

Below is a list of roads that Kingston Township does NOT own or maintain. Again, please do not call the Township to report potholes on these roads, use the corresponding contact info for the corresponding road.

PennDOT Owned and Maintained Roads in Kingston Township:

Bodle Road Bunker Hill Road (part) Carverton Road Dug Road Manor Drive State Rt. 309 Mt. Olivet Road Mt. Zion Road W. Eighth Street

To report pot holes on PennDOT roads please call 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623)

Luzerne County Owned and Maintained Roads in Kingston Township:

Hillside Road

To report potholes on Luzerne County Roads please call (570) 825-1600

Private Roads NOT Maintained by Kingston Township:

Aldrin Heights Rd. Cease Dr. Cherry St. Christine Ave. Doran Dr. Drive A Drive B Drive C Elizabeth St. Ellis Ave. Euclid Ave. Grace Ave. Guyette Dr. Henry St. Highwoods Rd. Keller Lane Kirkendall Rd. Laurel Lane Ledge St. Lincoln Lindbergh Ave. McDermott Rd. North Ridge Novicki Lane Park Ave. Price Lane Railroad Ave. Reggie Lane Robbins Lane Shady Lane Washington St. Wild Apple Road Raub St. All of Echo Valley Estates Bar M4 Birch Grove 40/41 E. Center Donnelly Dr. Dovetail Deer Path W. Roushey S. Legend Sunset lane Taylor Lane

The Kingston Township Road Department urges all residents to report any potholes on the Township Roads. If any are noticed, please email the Township so we can respond quickly and keep our roads in the best condition possible.

For more information about the Kingston Township Public Works Department please call 570-696-3650.
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